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The Town of Thermopolis employs the services of the law firm of Messenger & Overfield as its Town Attorney.

The principals of the firm are Mike Messenger and Ron Jurovich. Mike and Ron have practiced law in Thermopolis, both independently and as a legal firm, for many years. Both are community oriented – you’re probably as likely to see them at a Bobcat football game or the Junior Livestock Auction as Town Hall or the courtroom. In addition, over the years both have served the Town and County legal system in various ways, from municipal judge to county prosecutor.

Mike and Ron have been contracted as Town Attorneys for over 15 years and handle the legal affairs for the Town by "switching-off" occasionally. That means one or the other takes primary responsibility for the day-to-day legal affairs (including attending all Town Council meetings) for a year, then the other picks up those duties. Whichever attorney has "the duty" generally spends some time at Town Hall each week. However, by having “the firm” as its official Attorney, the Town has access to advice and direction of both when necessary. And their longevity with the Town provides a wealth of invaluable experience.

As a practical matter, the Mayor, Council and the attorneys ask that any legal issues arising from the day-to-day affairs of the Town be addressed through the Mayor's Office (please call Fred Crosby, 307 864-9285). Certainly anyone having a legal question may end up talking directly with Mike or Ron. However, since they are contracted to the Town, it's preferable that the Town's administrative staff be aware of most issues in advance of a reply.

For informational purposes, Messenger & Overfield contact information is as follows:

Address Messenger & Overfield
116 N. 5th Street
P.O. Box 111
Thermopolis, WY 82443
Phone 307 864-5541

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