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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Following is a list of items that are NOT permitted at the Landfill:

1. Used oil
2. Lead Acid Batteries
3. Solvents, paint thinners
4. Paint unless it has dried to solid form (normal household paint - under
5 gallons each visit can be accepted at the landfill. Leave lids open to dry
out paint or pour paint on plastic to dry. CAN NOT accept large quantities
from commercial painters or contractors.
5. Antifreeze
6. Acids or chemicals (may accept barrels if there is not more than 1" of
liquid in bottom).
7. Refrigeration units, unless they are certified freon free. Owners of
refrigeration units may come to Town Hall and pay a $25.00 fee for
removal of the freon. They will take their receipt, along with the
refrigeration unit, to the landfill where the attendant will show the owner
where to place the unit for freon removal.
8. No sewage waste (only grit from the Sewer Plant or sump waste from car
washes or wash bays).
9. No friable asbestos (insulation, etc.) We can accept non-friable asbestos
(floor tiles, etc.).
10. Petroleum contaminated soils or materials.

We realize that it is impossible to monitor and control what is placed in the canisters that are dumped by the city garbage trucks. Periodically, some of the above items are placed in the canisters. Contents of the canisters are not sorted at the landfill so consequently many of these things are accepted and buried without our knowledge. We encourage individuals to follow the established guidelines for landfill dumping.

Landfill Hours:
Nov 1 to Mar 31 - 8 am to 4 pm
April 1 to Oct 31 - 9am to 5 pm
Closed Sundays and major holidays

Should you have any questions regarding any of these items, please contact the operators at the landfill or Town Hall at 864-3838.

For recycling of used oil, batteries, scrap metal, etc. , please contact the County Extension Agent at 864-3421 for more information on drop locations.

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